Rediscovering Self

Journey to One and Oneness

Filing Maintenance

I filed for maintenance yesterday. I stood before a judge (remotely) and swore that my application was nothing but the truth. It was weird. It was odd. It’s done. A … Continue reading

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It isn’t humiliation, I guess, when you are the only one aware. My husband has been public with his girlfriend for a while now. He has been posing in photos … Continue reading

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This Pain

This pain. This pain, I thought it was done. I thought it was over. Healed. Sealed. But it is not. Perhaps the suffering arises from the gap between where I … Continue reading

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more endings

Needless to say I am still rediscovering myself. It is a (multi) life journey. A process with many interesting turns, distractions, lessons, and repeats. I sit here in the soft … Continue reading

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Day 1 Without Him

It’s weird. He has only been gone since the midnight flight but I already feel lighter. With his girlfriend Lynn, he’s headed to NYC and then to Miami to see … Continue reading

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A Quick One

It’s been a while since I posted anything. No, I have not rediscovered myself. Though I have uncovered more pearls. What popped into my head the other day was, “he’s … Continue reading

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Krabi Weekend

There is such pain. There is such joy. But it is all an illusion. Fear grips me and makes me think this is my reality but I refuse to buckle … Continue reading

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An Open Letter

Dear┬áHusband You say I don’t respect you and I treat you like an ATM. That I didn’t clean the house, had no job (ever), and was always in yoga pants. … Continue reading

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In and Out Again

It’s been a while since my last post. Forgive me, my friends, for I have wavered. I allow temptation to enter my life and the words of the devil to … Continue reading

May 9, 2014 · 1 Comment


I am lying in bed. Ears buzzing. Vertigo threatening to burst my ears. It’s already busted through a quietly productive day. Vertigo in short sucks. And every time it strikes, … Continue reading

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Disentangling and Disengaging

Knowing what to do isn’t necessarily the hard part. Doing it, is. Pulling myself out of the downward spiral of feeling bad and just angry is not always easy. Once … Continue reading

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Makeup on the Sidewalk

The word he is looking for is skinny. Maybe physically fit. Not healthy. It is insulting for him to insinuate that I didn’t get healthy / healthier these past two … Continue reading

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Friend ?

I met up with a friend today at Starbucks. I am not sure how to define her. She de friended me on FB and we don’t hang out anymore. We … Continue reading

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It’s Not Me, It’s You

For anyone who has been betrayed, especially by “The One”… We are not perfect or even faultless. We do contribute to our lives, positively, negatively, consciously, subconsciously… We change. We … Continue reading

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Rediscovering Self

Early 2012 was my wake-up call. To awaken from a half-lived life. The happiness I felt was but an illusion. It was time to step into my power. To reclaim who I am. This is my journey to rediscovering myself, letting go of the stories I no longer want to define me or my life and peeling back all that is not me.

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